Dear Last Week of Summer,


This was the best last week of summer I could have asked for. Starting off with the pool party, seeing Sarah Bevan some before she moved out, going to the She&Him concert, visiting Tiffany at her school, spending time with my soul sister, hanging out with my most favorite people in the whole world (no joke... favorites) and making the best purchase of my life.

Lets start with seeing Sarah. I miss her a lot. Best friends since second grade doesn't even begin to describe out relationship.... actually... I guess it does begin to describe it, but there is a lot more to it than just that phrase. She knows everything about me. She has been there through every laugh, cry, fight, song, dance, and boring moment of my life. I would trust her with my whole life. I am so bummed she moved out of the apartment but as Vanessa Hudgens once said, "I've got to move on and be who I am... I gotta go my own way." Sometimes, moving just needs to happen. Miss her. Love her.

Sometimes Nicole and I don't wear shorts to our knees... don't judge. "We are so getting judged tonight!"

She&Him concert. Zooey Deschanel is just as amazing in real life as she is on a CD or in a movie (eh hemmm... 500 Days of Summer. love.). A night in the SLC with Tiffany, Nicole, and Sarah. I would not have select a different combination of ladies for the evening. It was hilarious and we all are on the same humor wave... get on my level. I think Nicole was the most traumatized, let's get her out of Provo a little more. Winner quotes and pictures for the evening:

"Well just hurry go to that $3 parking."... "Oh my gosh!! You cannot go in here. Someone will definitely break into our car. Look how sketchy!"

"I am going to document this sketchy place... this man is probably going to lock our cars inside the gate and just be like... fools."

"Everyone is drunk."

"She needs to go back and change."

Two conversations were going on during this picture.

Conversation one.
Nicole: "Elizabeth. Smart."
Tiffany: "Nicole, his name is E-manuel."

Conversation two.
Sarah: "Quick, he looks like Jesus!!!"
Deidre: "Ah! Hold on. My camera isn't on!"
Sarah: "Quick! Snap My picture with him!"
*picture turns and stares right at us....*
Deidre:"Sarah. He totally knows what we're doing"

"Oh! I want a picture with him!"

"Drug deal just made..."

Songs sung frequently throughout the night... by Nicole...
"I am His daughter.."
"It takes courage to wait, when the battle is long..."

"This is not a family event. Who in their right mind would bring their CHILD to this?"

"I think I just spotted a Mormon."

"We are leaving so we don't get AIDS."

"What are you doing?"
"The bells just sounded like that one song..."

Before the concert we went to see Ty. He's baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

His {old} roommates seemed pretty... different. I am really used to EFY modesty. Censor this please?

Oh... and after She&Him we went to Wendy's. Look who we found.

On the way to see Tiffany... I almost killed us. What I learned driving that day? Never try to watch the cop in your rear-view mirror... I looked back for maybe one second and then I hear Nicole "Deidre... DEIDRE! LOOK!" and I yell "OH MY GOSH!!!" The car in front of my dead stop. I was going like 65 and had to swerve into the other lane. Luckily there were no cars there and luckily I didn't over correct. I honestly could have killed us both. Right there. And even though we were both tense and terrified all we could do was just laugh.. I kept saying "I am so sorry... I don't even know what else to say to you right now." And then the rest of the day Nicole made fun of my for it, thanks. It was karma. We had just spent a little time laughing at the mom in a mini that almost crashed and how weird it looked. Here is the after shock.

Tiffany Pasker is a SECOND GRADE TEACHER everyone. Teacher of the year award. Nicole and I went to visit her at Heartland Elementary to be her teacher's assistants. She is probably the cutest teacher in the whole world. Also, she made her class adorable. 32 baby-tots, no problem. Tiff is QUEEN... she just needs some boy treats in her treasure box.

Well... beyond that I have just had a good time hanging out with Nicole, Tiffany, Brittany, Parker, Zack, Pat, and all others that join in the group for fun times and laughter. Frozen yogurt trips, Walmart adventures, watching movies, making tie dye, and nights at the Haunted Mansion. Good times to follow summer. "I can't wait for the holidays with my new friends!"

Oh. And I bought a bike. No one though I was serious, but I was. Best purchase ever.

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