Dear Music and the Spoken Word,

A perfect way to start my Sunday. Every week Nicole and I say, "We are so tired, we will go next week." And this morning we both woke up hoping the other would say that... after the realization neither of us were going to admit exhaustion we got up, got ready, and met up to drive to Salt Lake. We could not have made a better choice. Listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing and the orchestra play was beautiful. Sitting in the tabernacle with my best friend next to me, President Monson a floor below us, beautiful music echoing the room... what else could I ask for. Lloyd Newell talked about an inward silence, "Silence can be a source of strength, inspiration, and renewal. Stillness gives us a chance to tune into our heart, to hear our own deepest thoughts and feelings." After the message and the music, Nicole and I took a walk through temple square and got a quick tour of the gardens at the top of the conference center. Can't wait to go back.


Nicole Erin said...

umm i kinda almost cried. with that music playing and the beautiful memory. LOVED it so glad we went :)

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