Dear BYU Couples,


I am really happy you found love here on campus. Really, I am. Everyone needs a little loving every once and awhile. Today is your day for that. I just have a few requests for you and your love.

Request #1. The lawn is not your bed, living room floor, or couch. Please do not spend time cuddling and having tickle fights as I have to walk by. It is awkward.

Request #2. Don't make out in the door way. I am probably running late for class.

Request #3. Just because you are holding hands does not mean you can walk slower. Keep up with the traffic flow.

Request #4. Be in love, just be in love. But be in love on your own time, not everyone else's. PDA is not appealing.

If you could follow these few guidelines you would make not only me happy, but every other other single person. You would probably make the couples that already follow these guidelines happy too. Thank you in advance.

Jesse said...

I just stumbled upon your blog today, but I'm in love already. It's pretty much the greatest.

Emily Iroz said...

I really just love you and your blog soooo much :)

Liese said...


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