Dear Pat Beta,

The infamous "Black Pat". I am happy thatyou decided to work EFY this summer and I am even more happy with the fact that you decided to be my friend. I will always remember the first day I met you and we went to Sonic for happy hour.You got a grape slush, don't ask me why I remember that, I just do. Since then there have been a lot of good memories. Hearing about you getting locked into a bathroom. Dinner at In-and-Out. Watching The Office. Having you so patiently teach me how to longboard. Lunch at Zupas. A week of EFY in Twin Falls. Introduction of the Fried Chicken Song and Bed Intruder. You have made a memorable
mark on my summer and in my life. I can't wait to see what adventures will follow. I have enjoyed getting to know a person like you. Someone that cares about everyone around him, loves to laugh, and has a testimony that influences everyone around him. You are one of a kind and I love having you in my life. I know you are a friend I can always count on and rely on. Thank you for everything and thank you for being you. It means more than you know. Happy birthday.

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