Dear Google,

Really quickly I wanted to tell you how I appreciate you for being the ultimate winner of all things internet for me. I frequently use the term, "Google it," in conversations. Normally that would sound weird... or creepy... but thanks to you, it is normal.

I would also like to thank you for creating this little beauty:

Now I can label and archive all my emails and can even prioritize them. The best part is this:

That's right gchat. Which is where the real love for Google steps in.

Now no matter where I am no matter what I am doing I can just talk to my favorite people from my email. Which is nice because my email can be open in class and I don't feel guilty like I do with other programs. (ahemm.... facebook...) Thank you for all my friends that have also found a Google love and have gchat. Now when we all go to the library at night we can chat and not get dirty looks for talking because it is all silent. Google I love you for you and I love you for your gchat.

syd and spence said...

i totally agree...i love google too and especially gmail!

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