Dear Wedding,


Remember the other night when I couldn't sleep? Well besides blogging I took a lot of time to look through our 1000+ wedding photos to put together a little album... and I couldn't help but share them with you. Looking through them reminded me how fabulous that day was. The day was spent with the people we love just laughing and smiling all day! Plus, being at the beautiful Salt Lake temple didn't hurt. So here I am to share some of the ones that made me smile... only a few.. or a dozen. 

 Adam is a huge fan of the one hand dip. During engagements our photographer asked us to do a dip and... I will be honest. It was a struggle. But after a few short months we have mastered both the one and two hand dips. Altough, Adam picks one hand dip always. He thinks it is more exciting. And it has produced a few of my favorite photos from the weddding celebrations!

Here are a few photos of friends and the bridal party. The boys went for tough, the group went for out of control (aren't my friends TALENTED in pulling faces?), and the girls went for Spice Girls... per my request. 

People were cheering. So Adam kissed me and gave a huge thumbs up. I couldn't help but crack up. 

We can only be serious for a few minutes...
Adam played with my veil for like 5 minutes, we have it on video.

Coming out of the temple. I was running around hugging EVERYONE and Adam was just showing off his ring. We could do a series of Adam showing his ring. I think we have like 20 pictures of it. He was impressed with my choice.

And this one was submitted after... We are so glad Adam's brother could fly in from Hawaii for the wedding.

I want to keep sharing them with you... but I also don't want you to get annoyed and stop reading my blog. So I will stop there for now. And then some might come later. Because I still have photos to filter through. And until then, enjoy these little gems. Maybe they will entertain you when you can't fall asleep!


Whitney Leigh said...

Wedding days are the best. I wish I could get married every year.
just without all the planning. and money spending.
you guys looks so happy, I love it.

Jenna said...

Your wedding photos are beautiful! You look like such an amazing and fun couple! I hope you have a lifetime of happiness :)

Jenna said...

Your wedding photos are beautiful! You look like such an amazing and fun couple! I hope you have a lifetime of happiness :)

Elise Rogers said...

oh my gosh your wedding day looked fantastic!!! I love your dress and the colors you picked! Stunning!! New follower and cannot wait to read more!


Elsha Bodily said...

You two are awesome. Stay classy & sassy and please be that old couple who still has some spunk.... I can see it now !

Isabelle Galindo said...

You are such an adorable couple! It warms my heart when I see couples who can’t help but have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Tells me you too are absolutely meant for each other! And I love your wedding photos! These are truly gems that you can always look at to relive every single, blissful moment. Hope you’ll have more wonderful memories together. :)

Isabelle Galindo

Kimberly H said...

Hi Diedre! I'm a new follower from Daily Dose of Paige - I hope you won't think its weird that I'm commenting on such an old post but I HAD to go back and see more pictures of your wedding - you look STUNNING and I love how happy you two look! It looks like you had an amazing day :) Congrats!

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