Dear Headache Help,


I used to never get headaches. And when I did it was rare and I didn't take any medicine. Partly because my headaches were never bad enough and partly because I didn't want to get that in my body unless I one hundred percent needed it. Well... Over the last year headaches have been happening a lot more. At first it was due to dehydration. Changing from walking around and classes with a water bottle to a desk job made me forget the importance of some H20. But then I I got a sinus infection, combined with allergies, and whatever other random things you can think of. Water always calms them slightly, but hasn't been curing them lately. I put out a call on FB and got some good (and some not so good) responses. A lot of them are caffiene related, but there are some foods to eat, some different techniques to clear your sinuses, and some oils to try. One of my friends thought it deserved to be shared, and I agree. So I decided I would share them with you! Hopefully this helps you with some of your headache needs.

Beyond the oils, the naps, the adjustments, and all of Facebook weighing in I also got a few private messages, texts, and tweets. Here are a few more recommendations:
  • Eat an apple or some almonds
  • Take some claritan
  • A sinus rinse, my family prefers Neil-Med
  • Use an ice pack on your forehead, temples, or the back of your neck
  • Take a warm bath or shower
  • Take a walk
  • Talk to the doctor about birth control dosage
  • Eat something spicy
  • (added 1.16.13) Powerade Zero- zero because I prefer to eat my calories: It replaces electrolytes and has been a huge help for my headaches the last month
So there you have it. Next time you have a headache here are some tips!

Bethany Grow said...

another tip- you might want to get your eyes checked out.
i get headaches because i'm a bit cross eyed. it doesn't show though because my eyes make a huge effort to correct themselves. every time i open my eyes, they are hard at work keeping my eyes in focus. that constant effort gives me headaches. probably not the average cause for a headache but it's worth a try if nothing else works.

Life with Amberly said...

I'm so glad you linked to this post on Twitter. I get headaches constantly, mine are mostly tension headaches, but I'm sure the Powerade trick could help. I put a rice pack on my neck, take medicine, use essential oils, everything. Joe likes to joke and tell me that I don't really know what a headache is like and that I'm just imagining them ;) I'll be getting Powerade at the store this weekend!

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