National Kiss A Baseball Player Day


What is NKABPD? Well... I didn't even know that acronym existed until I got this on my Facebook wall from my thoughtful husband.

That little sneak! He just wanted a kiss. Not that he wouldn't have gotten one anyway, but I wanted to make sure it was extra special so I "had to stay late at work that night", or in other words sneak to the store to pick up some supplies. Then while he was in the kitchen get his late night snack I set it all up. Starting with this on his pillow.

Now don't get any ideas. "There is more where that came from if you know what I mean," only meant there was more. Meaning kissed hidden throughout our small apartment for him to find. One in the sheets. One in his scriptures. One in his computer. I hid a few in his drawers.

And then a bunch in our bathroom. The bathroom was more fun because he doesn't always look in all these places right away. Some spots hold things for getting ready for bed, some spots for getting ready for the day, and some just hit and miss depending on if his lips are chapped or not.

Happy National Kiss a Whatever Day to you. Because there always seems to be a reason for a kiss!


Hailey. said...

This is adorable :)

Stephanie Romney said...

So cuuute!

Erin said...

Haha WAY TOO CUTE!! :) I love that you hid them all over!

Alvina Castro said...

Hi there from the aloha blog hop! Im a new follower and this was too cute! Love the kisses everywhere. A small fun reminder of you to your husband. Good idea! You can find me at

dreaming en francais said...

What a cute post!! I just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it.. I'm your newest follower!

Nifty Thrifty Mom said...

Hi, I am your newest follower via this weeks blog hop. I would love it if you would swing by The Nifty Thrifty Family sometime.

Katie humor said...

Just stopping by from the blog hop. Such a cute blog! Following you on twitter. If you have a moment to follow back that would be wonderful! you can find me at:

Lenetta Carnes said...

Happy New Year. I found you through Aloha Blog Hop. Stop by and say hi when you get a minute. :)

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