Dear Our Tree,


Adam and I have been enjoying our time in California. And I know Christmas is done... but I wanted to share our little tree back in Utah. This is the first chance I have had to upload these photos because we were so busy getting ready to leave, celebrating with friends in Utah, cleaning, packing, and (shhh...) opening a few gifts before we left so we didn't have to lug them all down here. So just for you. A special glimpse of our first Christmas tree together and a shot of each of us opening our "big gift" which happened to come in tiny boxes back in Utah.

My niece (before she even knew I would be marrying into the family) made me this ornament last Christmas. She saw rain boots with bows on the back on one of my Pinterest boards and then surprised me with an ornament when I came down to visit!

Adams big gift. A Nikon watch. He is clearly excited. I had him open it last and he didn't expect it because he thought I would be going over budget if he got it... little did he know I am an AWESOME bargain shopper and got everything on sale thanks to coupons, discounts, Black Friday, and Amazon. Winning.

My big gift (even though I don't look excited, I am, Adam didn't catch the BIG smile just the pre-gift) was a new lens for my camera! I am so excited to get better at photography and to have more lenses to play with.

Other things under the tree? Clothes, hair clippers, movies... those sorts of things! What was under your tree? What was your favorite gift?

Eesh said...

Such a pretty tree!!!

You sure captured his excited face :)

I got a polaroid cameraaaa!!!! I'm so excited. My scrapbook journey begins.

Happy Holidays!


Janette said...

Oh my gosh! You're in CA! We're breathing the same smog!!! Sooo excited!

Janette Lane Blog

PS. I changed my blog name and URL, please refollow if you get the chance. Thanks!

Chrishelle Ebner said...

Stopped by from the blog hop, thanks for co-hosting. Your blog is very cute. Love all the beautiful pics. We had a fashionable tree like yours years ago, before three kids and the decorations that come with them. I love our tacky tree too, because of all the memories.

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