Dear Claw Hand,


There is this strange thing going on with my hands... but only when I place it on my hip. Ya know, the pageant pose? Oh, you don't know what I mean by pageant pose? Think knee popped, the front hand on the hip, the back hand on the seam, S-curved body, big smile. That is the pageant pose. Well overtime my hand on hip has turned into claw on hip. And as I look through all my pictures I am starting to realize this is not a new thing. It was a slow transition from simple claw to almost a lobster claw.

1. Summer 2011: My nephews baptism. 
Slightly broken wrist with the pinky straying away from the rest.
2. January 2012: Miss America. 
Pinky still straying but so is the index finger.
3. March 2012: Miss Idaho Orientation and MIOT. 
Fingers all separated, apparently they had a fight. Pinky starting to bend.
4. March 2012 (a week later): BYU vs Utah Baseball Game. 
Fingers all separated and bent... ready to attack.

Do you see what I have become!? A full fledged lobster hand! How did this happen? How can I fix it? It must be fixed. And fast. Think pretty hands Deidre, pretty hands! Fingers straight and close together... Don't fall victim to the claw!

Autumn said...

My thing in photos? I always have awkward posture with them.

I went through this phase in middle school where apparently I thought I was tall and would slouch to be everyone else's "height." Problem? I am 5'3 full grown one was shorter than me.

Gloria Littlefield said...

YES! this is the best post of my life. you lil wolverine you.

Kelsey Pauxtis-Thomas said...
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