Dear Wedding Overload,


Alright. So I wanted to give you all a nice look into my wedding. At an overview. And then as pictures start to pour in I will give you some more in depth detail. Thing like my center pieces, my bridals, wedding day photos, the Twin Falls reception, the food, the Yucaipa reception... and so many other things that happened. Deal?

So you already saw a few of our engagements.

And I showed you my brooch bouquet with a simplfied how-to.

And you saw my awesome announcements made be my good friend Mallory.

But now you can look forward to posts about a lot of other things!
Like my bridals.

And our special day at the temple.

Our getaway car.

The Twin Falls recpetion.

The centerpieces.

The sign in frame.

The food.

Our thank you gift.

The Yucaipa reception.

I am so excited to do individual posts for EVERYTHING so I can tell you all the details about where we got things and how we saved money. A lot of my wedding was DIY and so I was in a lot of the details. I dont have great pictures of my cake table and cake yet... but those will be coming soon! And I am sure one million other little details I didn't show you yet. Like... wedding gifts and weddings rings. But this post is already so long. So I will let you process this, and I will get you more info later. Okay? Okay.

Oh.... and guess what else? This guy is going to be having his own weekly post. Because even though he will not admit it. He loves blogging.

So look forward to more posts from the Mr. and the Mrs. 

The Skinnys
A Muse in Purple said...

The bridals turned out wonderful, I love the baseball one! I love the centerpieces too, all the details are so special!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! So looking forward to the future posts! Yay! It looks like everything turned out very well and that it was a happy occasion! <3 Carly

Kirsten Wiemer said...

yes, i love weddings. can't wait for all of the pictures. haha


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