Dear Announcement,


More wedding details for you! Aren't you so excited?

One thing that I was really looking forward to was designing (with the help of Mallory who actually designed after I told her what I wanted) my announcement to send to everyone. It is always fun to receive announcements in the mail and to pick out things I love about them. Plus, people put you on display on the fridge. And isn't that everyone's dream? Well... maybe not. But Adam was excited to be on fridges all around. Here is the announcement and photo that Adam and I sent out.

We actually ended up running out of announcements; we didn't send them to everyone we were hoping to! I told my Mom to order 50 less than we did too... so I am glad she did what she thought was best. My friend Mallory at Minted Grey Designs designed them. She is also the one that did my bridal shower. Isn't she fantastic? Stop by her shop, she does custom anything too!

Minted Grey Designs 
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I just wanted something very traditional in regards to the announcement and one photo of us smiling. And then for the actual announcement I wanted something creative and vintage touch. It turned out perfect and everyone always says, "This matches you!" which makes me happier with it than I already was. There is a little more insight to the wedding! One week! One week!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

those look fantastic, seriously love them


Christi Lynn said...

i love it! and i am super critical of wedding announcements! but this one is stunning :)

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