Time To Be Sneaky || His Side of the Engagement


On May 16th, I became engaged to my other half. The week before I proposed, I picked up the ring that had been custom made for Deidre. It took four weeks for the ring to be made. Why does it take so long to make a ring? Having Deidre ask me when I was going to propose made those four weeks go by even slower. I had to stall her curiosity by saying that it took a while to find a diamond by just digging.

The day of the proposal, it was "time to be sneaky." After practice, I went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (Deidre's favorite place with her favorite "crack apples") and dropped off a letter for Deidre. The girl who was working was super excited for Deidre to come in. After getting home from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Brett assisted me  in making sure Deidre didn't assume anything. I asked Brett if he could ask Deidre if she could pick up a carmel apple for him from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Deidre politely obliged. I told her that I wouldn't be able to accompany her to get the carmel apple...I had an interview at the church building. Before I left for my "interview," I was with her at her apartment. She had just gotten home from the gym and was in her work-out clothes. She had always told me that she wanted to be dressed appropriately for when we got engaged. Seeming that she was in her work-out clothes, I encouraged her to put normal clothes on. She kept refusing then I offered to pick out her outfit. She said, "yes." I then left to go to the interview. I asked her to text me when she left to go pick the carmel apple up so I knew approximately when she would be back.

When she left to get the carmel apple, I was already leaving the store after having picked up flowers for her. I figured that the text meant that she was in her car leaving, not that she was leaving her apartment. It so happens that as I was heading towards the park to get the other things ready, Deidre was stopped at the other corner of the intersection! I FREAKED! I ducked down (as if me ducking down would prevent her from noticing my car). When I peeked back up, she continued driving, without having noticed me.

I arrived at Rock Canyon Park and set up the candles, the flowers and the white board (which had two boxes with options to check "yes" or "no"). The letter that I had left at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory finished by telling Deidre to meet me at the park. I saw her arrive to the park. She seemed somewhat confused by my directions so I went to meet her outside the gazebo where I had everything set up. As I was walking with her, I told her not to assume anything. We then arrived at the table where I had the things set up. She read another letter which told her to give me the thumbs up when she got to the end. She gave me the thumbs up, I got on one knee and proposed. I'm engaged! She said "yes", obviously. Proposing was  a little stressful. It was the same stress that I felt the first few times that I talked to Deidre...hoping that I wouldn't say anything stupid and look like the actual age I was.

Now, in less than 45 days, I will be marrying the girl that is far better than anything I had dreamed of :)

Brielle said...

this is freaking adorable! congrats you two!

xo, b.

Emily said...

yay! i'm so excited for you Deidre :)

Ashley Eliza said...

this is SOOO cute. i'm your newest follower and im loving your blog and style girl!


Amberly said...

Hahaha, I love that he almost got caught!

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