Dear Fashion Friday,


Fourth of July edition! Mostly because that was the day I got my Nikon back from my mom and actually remembered to take a photo. But you know what that means? No? Fashion Friday is making its way back on the radar!


Shoes: Forever 21 // Shorts: Express // Shirt: Gap // Scarf: Miss America Organization

Of course I have to wear my sequins on a holiday. Shine like a firework baby!
Plus... I only have until the 21st to enjoy my shorts that come of the shorter variety. 
Then they will all go on sale, to Plato's closet, and to D.I.


The red lips are a must for the day of RED, white, and blue. Tie it in where you can.


Christi Lynn said...

i love your outfit! you are so cute.

A Muse in Purple said...

Snazy hot pants/shorts!! Love them!!

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