facebook vs. myspace/linkedin/all other online networking


I will be the first to admit. I am an online social net worker. I have a facebook, a linkedin, a twitter, and a myspace. I like to be in with the in and up on the new social routes. Although I have them all I use them rarely. I would rank my online socialness like this:

1. Facebook

The reason Facebook is first is because everyone has it. It is the best place for me to see what is going on in everyone's life without actually having to talk to them. Yeah, that sounds anti-social but you understand. At least, I think you do... If you don't let me explain. You know those people you used to talk to a lot, or you used to be in the same social circle, so you knew everything about them? You knew who they were dating, what they were doing, what color of hair they had that week, how they got in the car wreck, why they got suspended from school, you knew everything... well now you aren't in the same social circle, in fact, you aren't even in the same town. Well, you once had that direct link to them so you still like to know what is going in their life, but you don't want to call or text them to say "Hey, are you dating anyone?" Rather... you can just go to their facebook profile and see "In a relationship with Frankie Smith". Done. Now I know what I need to know, and I didn't even have to talk to them. Facebook is king of social networking.

2. Linkedin

This is second because I like to think that if I keep it updated someday it will be my direct link to a fabulous job. Simply put.

3. Myspace

Myspace is the white-trash Facebook. That is honestly how I feel about it. But I keep mine to stay in touch with my white trash friends ;) just kidding. I keep it because I like to be able to participate in random promos they have that facebook does not have. For example, I LOVE Glee. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Right now, Myspace is hosting a contest to audition for Glee. In fact, my roommate and best friend, Sarah Bevan just auditioned. So you can vote for her by going to her Glee audition page and giving her a GOLD STAR. Sometimes Myspace has its perks.

4. Twitter

All I can say about this one is most of the people on Twitter post their stuff on Facebook too. And frankly, I just don't understand all the ins and outs of Twitter, so I get on to enter for free prizes. ( I love free stuff! ) That is about it.

Basically. Facebook trumps. But I am an online net worker, I am a social net worker, I am a net worker in general. Don't judge.
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