Sometimes I think I am so clever... but no one else does. It isn't clever if I have to explain it to you.

Life has been busy though.

Over the weekend I had Miss Idaho orientation. I think I have my wardrobe all figured out. Now it is just time to GET IN SHAPE. Tone, tone, tone. If you have any tips or tricks on getting fit and fast, please feel free to share. I have cut out all sweets, soda, and most of my whites. Going to the gym an hour or two a day. That is a hard one right now because I am still getting over being sick. I feel like Miss Idaho is going to be amazing this year, and I can't wait!

We had our opening ward social yesterday, and then we have two more this week... they like to do an opening week of sorts. I really have a great ward. Wonderful people. I am looking forward to this summer and the friends I will have in the ward.

Besides those two things... Sarah and I are working on making our apartment perfect. Painting, cleaning, everything. It is going to be a good place to live, and whoever moves in with us is going to LOVE it. I think.
Liese said...

girl! come to gold's with me! I have been seeing results and its only been a week!

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