Because Freedom Rings + Kameleonz


Any chance I can get to rep a little U S of A gear - I will take it. Because any chance to cheer for America or show my pride is good. And this 4th of July was probably one of the best ones I have seen in a long time for pride and for cheer. The best line I heard? Why doesn't America have any knock, knock jokes? Because FREEDOM RINGS!

But in all seriousness. I snagged this scarf awhile ago, and I have been waiting for the next American holiday to sport it. And even better than that? A warm holiday. With a day off of work. Lots of sun. And lots of time outside. Which also gave me time to sport my new Kameleonz sunglasses which I am LOVING!

Sunglasses: Kameleonz
Leggings: Target
Top: Cotton On
Shoes: Nordstrom

I am a difficult sunglasses person. I like my outfits to semi coordinate. And I have always been a neutral sunglasses girl. Better safe than sorry, don't want to be the girl in bright colors with some clashing sunglasses, right? Or am I the only person that thinks about that? Whatever. But they are seriously great sunglasses and perfect for the sunniest of day because the lenses polarized and UV400. And they help me with my fear of clashing with interchangeable arms. That is right, I said INTERCHANGEABLE. I have a black, a clear, and a purple. How cool is that? So if you are looking for a new pair of sunnies head over to Kameleonz and use the code "DEIDRE" for 20% off! Because if you are anything like me, you love a deal. And 20% off sounds just right. What is your favorite style of sunglasses? Are you always looking for a new pair for your bag?
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