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We all have chapters in our life. And I felt like it was time to close one. If you are here, you might notice there are a few changes on the blog. Going from Love, The Skinnys to Deidre Emme was a long time coming decision. Some of my friends know I have been debating changing the blog name for nearly a year. And finally, after going back and forth many times... it just didn't feel right to be The Skinnys anymore. That was a chapter that Adam and I closed when we ended our time at BYU, and we officially moved onto a next chapter when we moved to Arizona.

A lot of you have wondered where the name, "Love, The Skinnys" came from. So maybe me saying that chapter is closed doesn't make complete sense. Awhile ago, Adam wrote a post on why we were the Skinnys. And while it was his nickname, it become our name once we got married. Whenever we would go to baseball events I was lovingly referred to as Mrs. Skinny. When we would walk into team parties and discussions the guys would say, "The Skinnys!"

Well now we are moved. We aren't at BYU. And his new teammates never knew him as Skinny - a few of them are catching on, but they are also giving him new nicknames. We aren't the Skinnys anymore. We are Adam and Deidre, and we are growing into our new chapter. And the only way to really grow into our new chapter, is for me to let go of something that was tying me to our time in Utah. So here I am, rebranding. To my name, because that is something that will move with me from chapter to chapter. The content wont change. I will still write fashion and lifestyle. I will still share about my relationship with Adam. I will still refer to Adam as Skinny . And who knows, maybe I will still refer to us as The Skinnys. And I will still write with the same voice. But it is time to make this place completely me. So welcome to my blog and my new blog name. Deidre Emme.
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