A Little Lace


It is no lie that I have REALLY long legs. I am 5'9" and a good portion of my height is found in my legs rather than my torso. So something that might be considered long on everyone else is always going to end up too short for me. But within the last couple years there has been a wonderful invention for us long-legged people. The skirt extender. And within the last year or so they have come out with more variety. It all started out with a lace skirt extender. That was the first I ever saw. Now they have sequin skirt extenders, leather skirt extenders, ruffled skirt extenders, scalloped skirt extenders, and the list goes on and on and on. And if you are planning on wearing a slip anyway (which I know seems to be a forgotten art) they are perfect because the details are attached to the slip! And I love how it adds a classy detail of a little lace to even my simplest of skirts.

I have tried out a few different brands of skirt extenders. Some have been a huge success and some have been a huge flop. Who would have thought the skirt extender was an art? Well let me tell you, it is! Because to offer a great skirt extender to the public it needs to be long enough to actually extend!

Top: Fabric Mill
Skirt: Downeast Basics
Skirt Extender: Rustic Couture c/o
Shoes: Dillards

You won't be able to find slip extenders everywhere. It is a boutique trend mostly. I have yet to find them in any chain stores - usually it is a specialty or boutique store with more unique items. But they really are a heavenly item. I love the feminine touch the lace extender adds to my skirts and the edgy-ness the leather extender adds to my dresses. I can make one outfit into three totally different looks just by switching out a slip. And lately, with the crop top trend, there is more opportunity for these extenders. I have seen a lot of women buying the shorter extenders and wearing them under short or sheer shirts to add a little to the bottom of the shirt hem.

My original purpose for buying skirt extenders was to help create more modest looks with skirts I already had or when I couldn't find things long enough. But the skirt extenders have taken on an entirely different meaning in my life. And they have added a ton of variety to my closet. Have you ever tried a skirt extender? Can you think of any skirts or dresses in your closet that would benefit from a little additional length at the hem?
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