Pineapple Top


I love wearing clothing that distinguishes me and helps me to stand out in a crowd. When I was a camp counselor I wore gold glitter Toms almost every single day. The glitter enough was to make me stand out, but the fact they were gold made me stand out even more because it was right during the silver to gold change. I have always been a gold girl, thanks to my Mom, and so I was on board when gold became popular again. But lately it has been all about making a statement with a graphic tee. The one that has gotten the most attention lately? The Pineapple Top.

A little while ago I went to Disneyland with my parents. As we walked in the gate the gentlemen checking my fanny pack at the security check handed back to me and said, "Have a great day Princess!" And I walked to the park gates feeling like I had finally arrived! Then as I walked through the gates the gentlemen taking my ticket said, "Have a great day Pineapple Top!" It took me a second to register... but clearly one cast member was better versed in Disney lingo. But it made me laugh. After a day of rides, switching parks, and eating lunch - we headed back to where we started the morning. And we just happened to walk through the same gate. The gentlemen said, "Pineapple top! You are back!"

Pineapple Top: Style Lately c/o
Lightweight Sweater: Target
Belt: Target
Shorts: Shopko
Shoes: Nordstrom

My Dad thought it was so funny that of all the people that man saw during the day he remembered me and my pineapple top. And while he might not have remembered all the princesses he met, he definitely remembered me! It was the perfect top to leave a lasting impression (and to enjoy a Dole Whip) for my day at Disneyland. Do you have any clothing items that make you stand out? What usually catches your eye on people's outfits?
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