Skinny Mill Update


I figure it is high time I share another update about Mr. Skinny with you all. A lot of people are really confused when I say things like, "I don't do much because I am home alone." Or maybe something like, "I have all the time in the world because Adam is gone - so give me a call!" Because over the last month or so I have been posting photos with him. Well. That is because he was home for about a month. If you didn't know. Adam is a minor league player in the Diamondbacks Organization. I guess that is where this whole thing needs to start for the new readers, right?

Traditionally the summer baseball season goes from April until September. So every year Adam will be shipped off to some far away - sometimes not so far - town in Indiana, California, Alabama, or Nevada. This year he has been playing in South Bend, Indiana for the South Bend Silver Hawks. He left at the very end of March with plan on returning at the end of season. Well, as we all know, plans change. On May 15th Adam was up to start - he is a pitcher and was in the starting rotation so every 5 days he opened up the game. The few games before he had been telling me how his arm felt weird, but he was still rocking and rolling so we figured it was just season deadarm. Then in the 2nd inning Adam said he felt a "pop" and his entire arm started to throb. I cannot explain to you the anxiety and fear while you wait to hear from your husband as he gets pulled from a game due to an injury. After meeting with the trainer he took a few minutes to call me. And while I cried a lot it was good to hear from him and hear what was going on. Over the next few days they worked on his arm, did some strengthening, and waiting for some pitching swelling to go down to they could do an xray. It looked clean but his arm wasn't 100% so they sent him to Arizona for a little R&R - rest and rehab. And also for an MRI because they were thinking he tore his labrum.

Needless to say, I was SO happy to have my husband home. And without having to pay for his flight. It was like a gift. And something I really needed. I missed that kid. After a week of rest he got an MRI and we waited anxiously for results. He was ALL CLEAR! He just had some inflammation but nothing was torn. What a blessing. When he called to tell me that I could not stop smiling. What a huge weight was lifted from our shoulders. But then we still have a month of rehab coming after that rest. So for the next month I got my baseball husband home and he got to strengthen his arm here at home. After a few weeks in a program and then being moved to the bullpen for a few games he was back to Skinny Mill. And he struck out six guys in only three innnings while playing in the AZL league.

At the beginning of July he got sent back to South Bend. And that is where he currently is - unless the team in on the road. They left him as a bullpen guy so he pitches one or two innings every three days instead of six or seven innings every five days now. Since getting back out there he has pitched 8.1 innings with 6 strike outs and a 0.00 ERA. I am really hoping that I didn't just jinx him by typing it all out, but I am a proud wife! He is working hard and I am missing him terribly. But I can't wait to see what comes from this season of hardwork. And I am looking forward to going to visit him next month!
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