Actors Theatre of Phoenix


Adam has come and gone. And while his rehab stint was short and it was absolutely the best having him home. I am happy he is back out finishing the season. We had a fun time going on dates while he was home. We had a great time going on a lot of different dates, and one of our favorites? The Actors Theatre. We got to spend one night dressing up and going out to the Actors Theatre of Phoenix. Now I have grown up going to plays, locally and professionally - but Adam isn't much of an arts person. So it was a fun experience to go to our first show together.

The play was called "The Book Club". And there was one set with 6 actors. I was a little skeptical, I won't lie. My thoughts, "How is this play going to turn out with only one set? I've never seen a play with one set..." But they KILLED it. And Adam enjoyed it too. So it was a win on all accounts. The play follows a book club that is being constantly watched for their independent film/reality television debut. It was action packed. Drama filled. And a high-ten-larious.

The best part about Actors Theatre of Phoenix? It is all local. Locally written. Local actors. Local support. All of the above. The actors are real people trying to make it in the world of show biz and so they put in their heart and soul for every act. If you are looking for a fun date night, go check out Actors Theatre if you are in Phoenix. And if you aren't in Phoenix, go support the local arts where you are from! It was a great night, and it feels good to watch people that are diving into their passion. What is your favorite date night? Have you gone out on any unique adventures lately?
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