Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 34


"I truly believe that beauty, fashion and confidence is all in the eye of the beholder. It is very hard to meet everyone's expectations, so you have to move forward in these areas with your own heart and understanding. I truly think that beauty comes from within. If you have a good heart, that will show through in your outside beauty and will be attractive to those around you. I also think that with inner beauty, can bring about confidence. To me, confidence = sexy. Finally, I think fashion is something that can be different to everyone. So you have to dress as your heart and style tells you. Remember to wear clothes that make YOU feel good, even if that means it is not what everyone else is wearing. You don't always have to fit in when it come to fashion. Be bold and be confident.
I would say that I am very AVERAGE haha. And I definitely have a ruler body (which means my shoulders, waist and hips are all about the same width. Can be very frustrating, but I have come to gravitate towards peplums and structured items that give me the illusion of having a smaller waist.
As I have developed my blog, I have learned that I am all about COLOR!! I would say that I have a very cheery and bright attitude towards clothing and I think that is representative of my personality. My advice would be to add some color or patterns into your wardrobe. It can be an instant boost and can be good contrasting pieces to the typical neutral colors that people gravitate towards.
I think fashion fits everyone, because clothing is a representation of everything you are. It is the one thing that helps show your personality to the outside world, and allows you to shine through on a first impression."
- Erin from The Fashion Canvas
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