Our Story || Part Six


A few hours later Adam text me back, he was at practice but he would call me later. He called me within seconds of me walking in the door from work. I asked if we could talk in person, and when he got back from campus he stopped by.

Isn't he just so handsome in a uniform?
I felt like I had a lot of explaining to do... at the first of our relationship I was really aggressive. Mostly because I knew Adam was a good guy and I knew there were lots of girls in our ward pursuing him, even if he didn't realize it. But with all the girls pursuing him I wanted to be his first choice. But what I didn't realize was, first, that Adam would be so ready for a relationship and that me being aggressive would make me be the one he would want it with. And my second realization once he was ready to start something, I didn't totally know if I was ready to date someone again. I had gotten out of a long relationship only two weeks before I met Adam. Yeah... I pushed really hard for Adam. I wanted him to notice me. But at the same time, there were guys pursuing me, and I didn't totally know if I was ready to give that up... because I didn't know what I wanted. And I was confused. I was sort of mean to Adam. And I took for granted the guy that he was. I kept telling him I "needed time" even though I kept dating him... because I was dating other guys too. One of those guys being my ex-boyfriend for some odd reason. But Adam didn't know any of that. To him, I was just messing with his head... I don't know. I guess I was, because I couldn't communicate my feeling very well. Because I couldn't understand them very well. Either way... I needed to put it all together in my head. I needed to tell Adam that through the last couple weeks I had slowly ended things with each guy and that is why I was taking so long to get back to him on whether or not I was really ready to date. When he got to my apartment the nerves really set in.

The conversation was long. But to sum it up. I told him I was wrong. Because I was. I told him that I was not sure of my feelings and where I was before due to my recent break up. I told him I missed him. And I told him that I wanted another chance because I still really cared for him. After me pouring and pouring out my feelings. Adam told me he still had feelings for me but I really hurt him. And that it would take time for anything to happen, but he was willing to talk and things would get better. He headed home early that night to get some rest for his scrimmage the next day.

The next day my roommate and I head over to his game. He pitched one inning and did awesome. And I text him after to tell him he was great and asked if he wanted to come over for a little bit. Little did he know he was walking into a trap. My roommate and I decided we would invite him to the Haunted Forest with us that evening, even though we knew he already had a date. When he came over my roommate so brilliantly cornered him and made him feel like he should come. But he said no, no, and no again.

About an hour later I get a text from Adam, "Guess what?"

To be continued...
Mara and Jae said...

ok so i just got caught up on like the last 3 parts.....and i can't help but chuckle. this is so like reading the story (with a few tweaks to minor details, of course) of Jae and i. like - really. i put myself out there, even though i wasn't really ready to be in a relationship and was dating other guys, and he is totally interested and wants to pursue it. so then i back off and act like a brat. then he gets mad and annoyed and doesn't want any of it. and by the time i finally realized how dumb i had been being, i had some serious convincing to do.

love it. us girls are so smart sometimes, yeah?

Amberly Lambertsen said...

It all makes more sense now! :) Oh the glorious dating the ex situations... stupid boys :P I can't wait for the next part! You are WAY too good at leaving us in suspense ;)

Suzzie Vehrs said...

stop with the suspense woman!

Elisabeth @ Bella said...

loved all of these. and read alll of them. i'm a sucker for a good love story :)

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