A Paper Anniversary || Part One


A little over a week ago I was able to make the trek up to Montana to celebrate one wonderful year with my husband. It was so fun to see Adam, to see where he has been living this summer, to meet the people who cheer for him, to meet the people that take care of him, and to see him pitch. 

My flight left at 5:00 PM on Friday afternoon. I left work around 3:00 PM to finishing packing up. Not only did I need to pack my normal stuff for three days away, but I also packed Adam's gift and the top tier of our wedding cake! And I fit it all in ONE carry on ( I don't believe in checking bags for trips less than four days) bag, which I would say is pretty darn impressive.

When I got there I checked into the hotel, changed my clothes, and headed over to the field. Adam's team was in the third inning when I got there. But lucky for me, he was charting so I got to sit a row behind him rather than wait to see him when the game ended. After the game it was a quick dinner with the team and then off to celebrate with cake, cider, and gifts.

Look at that cake! Can you believe it travelled so well? I was pretty impressed. And I also need you to know.. the cake was SO yummy. Whoever said year old cake tastes bad clearly didn't package their cake well. And Adam got cider and fancy glasses for the party. Cute, right?

So. Per the title.. a paper anniversary. Why paper you ask? Tradition. Adam and I love a good tradition. Which is why he didn't see my wedding dress until the wedding. We saved our top tier to eat on the 1st anniversary. And now we will incorporate traditions into our anniversaries. Traditionally, each wedding anniversary is celebrated by giving a gift made from a different material. The first anniversary is symbolized with paper, and subsequently anniversary gifts become more precious or scarce to reflect the growing number of years a couple has remained together. So for our 1st anniversary, we agreed to incorporate paper somehow.

Luckily for me Adam had mentioned some paper items he wanted.
We had been talking a few weeks prior about books and baseball and history.
He mentioned how he really wished he knew more baseball history and wanted
baseball books about the greats. Done and done.
I got him three books to start off his collection and 50 handwritten notes.

 As always.... I am a little bit more difficult to shop for.
Adam did a wonderful job though. And I was so impressed.
First he got me new running shoes (for the third time) but this time I kept them!
He also got my a beautiful cameo locket.
Last of all, to include paper, he got me a message in a bottle.
It had some of the most beautiful words, and as you can tell from the picture on the right...
I cried.
It was perfect.
And so clever, how the heck is he so creative?

 All in all, it was better than I could have ever hope.
Baseball. A wonderful Jaker's lunch.
More baseball. A drive around town.
Meeting friends and fans.
Seeing where he lives.
And just spending time with the love of my life.

Amanda Schroeder said...

Seriously? What cute traditions! I LOVED this. I'm super excited and happy for you that you were able to be with each other on your anniversary. Our hangout is overdue, miss! Text me the second Adam is gone & I'll fill in....or try. haha!

Mara and Jae said...

what a fun anniversary! that necklace is so pretty!

ps i also don't believe in checking bags. even for trips longer than 4 days. carry-on's are the way to go.

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

So sweet! I wish I'd started doing the traditions from the first year. This year (our third) is the leather anniversary...so I made him fruit leather (strawberry basil, with basil he had grown) - so maybe we'll continue with it. Congratulations on your first year! : )

Life with Amberly said...

I am super impressed that you packed a cake in your suitcase! And these gifts are awesome! I tried to get Joe to catch onto that, and he looked at me like I was crazy, so I just follow it on my own and he has no clue what's going on.

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

such a sweet couple! I love that you keep up with the traditions! I did't even do a garter toss at our reception haha, i'm way too embarrassed for that... lol. Happy first!! :)

Autumn @ The Unreal Life said...

So cute!! You guys got so creative. I love that Adam isn't afraid to be sweet and creative--we need more men like him!!

A Muse in Purple said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are too cute!

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