Our Story || Part Four


The next day during my lunch break I get a text, "Do you think she needs a Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese book?" And that began text after text after text. He bought the Book of Mormon for me, and so he needed to bring it over that night, obviously. He stayed over for an hour, but before leaving for FHE he asked me out for a breakfast date. He came over later that night. He came over the next day. He drove with my to the post office the next day. We watched a Red Box the next day. And then Friday was a bit of a football/ex-boyfriend/dance party/friends from home misunderstand... but we wont get into that. Unless you really want me to?

And then the next morning was date morning! At 7:55 Adam called me for our 8:00 AM date.... and woke me up.
Our third date.
But our first photo from any date.

Adam: Did I wake you up?
Deidre: Umm... no. But yeah.
Adam: Well do you want to postpone our date?
Deidre: No! Give me 10 minutes. And I will be ready. I really want to go.
Adam: Okay. I will be over in 10 minutes.

And ten minutes later I was ready to go get french toast at Kneaders. French toast, great conversation, then an invitation to watch conference at his house. And that led into many days together, many dates out and about, and many conversations. And Adam instantly became my best friends. Only... I wasn't smart enough to realize it. And after of Adam trying to win me over and me being stubborn - there is a lot more to this part of the story, but if you want more, let me know - Adam text me and said, "We need to talk..."

To be continued....
Sofia Donatelli said...

So cute.

Have a great weekend!:)


Madeline said...

More! We want more! And details!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...


Budget Splurge Beauty said...

The crowd has spoken, we want more and more details! ;)

Kelsey Bang said...

love a good breakfast!

Kelsey Eaton said...

more more more!

chelz2crazy said...

Definitely need more details!! Living vicariously here! :)

Autumn @ The Unreal Life said...

I want more of this part!!

Ps love this whole series :)

Amy said...

I would love to hear more! This is a really great story :)

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