Paper Anniversary || Part Two


Like I said, our anniversary was spent with a lot of baseball. I loved being at the field with Adam. I got to watch three games in Montana, and I met a lot of wonderful people while I was there. Two of the games Adam was in the chairs charting and one of them he started! It was perfect timing. I love seeing Adam pitch. You can just tell how dedicated he is.

Adam is such a wonderful role model. He has made a lot of friends on his team and with the fans because of his friendly personality and his example. Fans are always coming to talk to him after the game. People just gravitate to Adam. It is so impressive. I feel very lucky to have married a man that is hard working in his sport, in his relationships, and in his example.

It was so wonderful to meet his teammates and the people that work at field and have become Adam's family. I loved meeting the fans. There are three couples with season tickets, and I sat by them ever single night. They are a hoot. They told me that they thought Adam looked like Buddy Holly the first night. the next night they brought him a Buddy Holly CD, Buddy's bio, and a headshot of him that said "Adam Miller AKA Buddy Holly". And the last night they talked the people that run the press box into playing a Buddy Holly song for Adam's walkout. It was so funny. But it might have helped Adam and I pick our new Halloween costume from Wezer's song Buddy Holly... Buddy Holly and Mary Tyler Moore! Oh, and they told me I look like Brad Paisley's wife.

Chevron andLace said...

Haha! Sounds like Skinny's got himself a new nickname. You might have to change your blog, Deej. ;)

Amanda Schroeder said...

That last picture. You are seriously perfect. SO cute.

April @ Hansen Love said...

You two are adorable! Picture perfect!

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