5 Dates || Guest Post


I'm assuming if you are here on Deidre's blog you were drawn in by her love story. Well in honor of her love story, I wanted to share some fun date ideas so that we can all have more fun with our spouses because ya know, life can always be more fun. 

1. Pick fruit like apples or raspberries. This has been one of my favorite dates with Zac. Outside in the peaceful, calm weather. It's nice to be able to chat while picking these beautes.

2. Go to a batting cage and hit some balls. Ps baseball tees are super cute. If you don't have one, go treat yourself before the date. 

3. Watch the stars. The farmer's almanac will tell you when the best times are to see meteor storms, shooting stars and help you find constellations. If you don't want to bother with that, just go outside and make your own constellations. See if you can find your story written in the stars. 

4. Go to the movies and have a competition to see who can sneak in the best treat. I suggest Ben and Jerrys. Instant win. If you get caught, you didn't get this idea from me.

5. Train for a sporting event like a 10k together. Zac and I recently ran the Dirty Dash and we had so much fun getting ready together and even more fun in the race. Cheering each other on and helping each other grow brought us so much closer.

So whether you are happily married like our friend Deidre here, or just out to have some fun. Seize the day. Get out there and have some fun!
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