Floral Scarf + Mint Clutch


Most people consider these months "sweater weather" but if you didn't catch it from last week's weekday wardrobe I consider this scarf weather. All scarfs. All the time. With the snow, without the snow - when it cools off the scarves go on. And this year is no different. I kicked off this scarf season with a floral diddy from Pink Blush.

Sweater: Gap
Bracelet: Pink Blush c/o

So what do I do to bring a little more fun and color into my outfits? I add a bright colored clutch that matches the floral hues in my scarf. When this mint clutch showed up in Lucy and Lyla's inventory I knew I had to have it! It is the perfect size for a grab and go bag. Plus the weave on it is to die for. So a bun, a clutch, and a scarf - I am good to go! How do you dress up your scarves? What is your favorite thing to add to your wardrobe once it starts to cool off?
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