Elephants on Parade


Maybe I am a little weird, but I tend to give my clothes a name rather than a description when explaining things to my husband. For example... my sweater with the face of a white tiger on it is called my "Eye of the Tiger sweater"... that is to keep it separated from all my other animal print sweaters - which would seriously be a problem. Or my black and white striped leggings with floral print are called my "Floral Beetlejuice leggings". Most of the time names come when a random memory pops in my head or I don't want to take extra time to describe exactly what item I am looking for while my husband and I are on a search rescue for my clothes. Which unfortunatly happens all the time because I am extremely slightly messy. Sorry Adam. And this top was no different in getting a quick name.

Top: Aeropostale
Cardigan: Aeropostale
Pants: Cotton On
Belt: Thrifted
Bracelets: Jane.com
Shoes: Target (similar)

When I bought this top I kept telling Adam it was my pink elephants on parade top. He didn't totally get the reference. Please tell me at least one of you knows what I am talking about!? I don't want to be crazy. I know there is at least one person that totally got it, shout out to my photographer for this outfit. She gets me. But clearly there are no pink elephants - just regular elephants - so we make it work. Do you have any clothing items that remind you of something else? Do you ever name your tops after the pattern, style, or design?
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