Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 42


"To me fashion is a canvas of individuality.  It is not only defined by what you wear, but also the way we express ourselves, our unique personalities and confidence.  It is multi-dimensional, and we change our trends and colors to suit our moods. I personally love to challenge myself and experiment with different colors, accessories, makeup and hair styles to see how far I can go.  It is all about how comfortable you feel with yourself to allow you to take on a different dimension.
I like to describe my body type as petite with curves.  My style of clothes and makeup varies depending on the occasion and mood that I am in.
Ultimately for work I love to wear knee length dresses that show the outline of my petite curves.  Being 5”3 I tend not to wear long ankle dresses as I feel it can drown me and it loses its appeal.   However I do love long skirts with a cute crop top when I am out with friends.  The crop top is a nice balance to the long skirt, which avoids the look of drowning in my outfit.  I like to add an accessory piece especially form our collection Kdizzle Designs.  Just to add some character and a splash of uniqueness.
I am originally from London, so I tend to spy and buy the latest trends from hair fashion to make up to shoes to clothes.  I like to stand out from the crowd, not by showing too much skin but by wearing something that hasn’t been seen before.  I recently purchased these ankle brown boots that have side holes in them.  I am in love!!  They are perfect for autumn.  It brings winter and summer in one.  Our Kdizzle Designs collection is so unique and fun, we always love to add a piece when we go out.  We get a lot of stares and everyone asks where we got the jewelry from.
You will never find me rocking the same style of outfits; I am constantly switching my style up.  I went from long hair to short hair in a second.  Even my manicure has cute designs and playful patterns.  I take risks in my appearance! I like to have fun with it but making sure I still feel comfortable.  It's exciting trying new things on.
Red lipstick is my hidden passion.  When I go out in the evenings I will wear something simple like jeans and a plain top but I will bring out the red lippy to add some color and fun.   I tend not to go over the top with makeup and clothes.  If I wear my evening body con dresses I will ease off my makeup.  The attention will be on the dress, so I will not overpower it with makeup.  Alternatively if my outfit is simple and less colorful, I will enhance my makeup.  I love switching it up but making sure I have the right balance, otherwise I will scare my audience.
My advice to the ladies is to never stay with one look throughout your life.  I understand there is always a look that suits you best; however women should explore other trends, styles and colors.  Life is too short to be one dimensional.  But always remember keep a right balance in your choices.
Fashion is for everyone!  There is no right or wrong, it is all about personal preferences.  Whoever you are - a girly girl, conservative lady, revealing goddess, Goth or sporty.  Take pride in your appearance.  You will always hear the media criticizing outfits, but everyone is different.  We all have different occupations and lifestyles.  Be free to choose it with confidence.
Adding a piece of Kdizzle Designs to the outfit will boost your confidence and appearance! Check it out!"
-Isabella Dugbartey from Kdizzle Designs
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