Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 35


Fashion Fits Everyone
"I only purchase makeup and clothes that I truly love, if I'm unsure I leave the store or website and if I'm still thinking about the item a few days later then I return to purchase the item. I love to get things at a good deal - almost everything eventually goes on sale so I look for good deals everywhere. My favorite places to shop are Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, J Crew and J Crew Factory but I also like to look for good deals at online boutiques, especially on jewelry and QVC has amazing makeup and hair care deals. However, I don't buy things because they are a good deal, I always ask myself, "If this was $20 more would I still love it?"
I'm 5'9" and have a large chest, but no hips and bum. If I had to quantify a size I'm approximately a size 8. I look for tops that are v neck or scoop neck to even me out with a bit of stretch if possible. I also love collared blouses. I wear a lot of dresses and high waisted pencil skirts/skinny jeans with blouses tucked in. I also love a good pair of leggings with a blouse and cardigan to emphasize my legs and deemphasize my chest.
I love skirts and dresses with heels paired with a jacket, but I also love a good pair of skinny jeans or leggings paired with boots, a blouse and a sweater or cardigan. I am loving floral crowns currently. I love to experiment with new trends. My jean jacket and blazers are staples in my closet. I like to layer everything in my wardrobe to add interest. I love accessories and always have a watch, earrings and a necklace on. My number one piece of advice is to buy clothes that fit well, no matter what size they are. I think so many women get caught up on a number and buy things that are ill fitting. I have things in 4 different sizes in my closet and when I let go of being a specific size I was much happier with the way my wardrobe fit and looked.
I believe every girl should have the following items in her closet:
1. A pair of dark denim or black jeans that fit really well
2. A black or red dress
3. A collared white blouse
4. A neutral pair of heels
5. A neutral pair of flats
6. A statement necklace
7. A pretty pop of color coat
8. A dark pair of riding boots
9. A grey or tan boyfriend cardigan
10. A metallic watch
11. A denim jacket
12. A black pencil skirt
No matter what your size and body type, you can look and feel beautiful. The key is to buy pieces you truly love that fit well and consider having alterations completed when needed. Don't get caught up on fitting into one specific size! Don't be afraid to take fashion risks and try new things. You might end up loving something you had never thought about trying before."
- Jacque from Looks for Lovelies
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