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Another big baseball announcement for Adam means another set of questions from all our friends and family. I love sharing our baseball journey with all of you - and honestly these posts after big announcements are some of my favorite to write. Because that means that people are asking questions about what we are going through and they want to learn about life in the baseball world. And more than anything, it means they care about what is happening with my sweet husband, Adam! Last week I shared this post on Instagram and I have received even more questions - once again - so I wanted to fill you in on all the details of what it means to be invited to Big League Spring Training.

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Didn't he already go to Spring Training?

Yes he did. Adam goes to Spring Training every year before the season starts. So this will be his third time heading down to Arizona to get ready for the season ahead. The first year was really great because we were in Arizona when he went but last year and this year Spring Training adds a little extra time to our length apart. The last two years Adam got invited to what is called early camp - which is an invite only pre-spring training camp. Usually the organization sends their potential prospects that weren't invited to Big League camp there. But basically - everything I am saying right now leads to the same answer. Yes, Adam goes to Spring Training every year. It is just part of baseball.

Then what does it mean to go to the Big League Spring Training?

Big League Spring Training is also invite only. There are about 70 men invited to Big League Spring Training - forty of them are current on the Big League roster, or the active 40 man. Then every organization is able to invite top prospects from their pool of players to Big League Spring Training Camp. So in Adam's case - he was one of the prospects invited to the Arizona Diamondbacks Big League Spring Training. He will play with major league players in the major league Spring Training stadium. The whole idea of behind being invited to Big League Spring Training is to give guys an opportunity to play at the higher level - that way organizations can see how they do at that level of play and get an idea of what needs to be fixed and adjusted to move them up eventually.

Then what does that mean for Adam?

For Adam it means he will report a week or so earlier than normal. He will get to be in the Big League locker room, he gets a nicer jersey, he gets to be a part of Fan day - all those sorts of things. Basically he gets a major league player's experience without actually being on the 40 man or 25 man roster. It also means he was one of 23 non-major league players invited to the Big League camp. That is right, only 23 guys not currently on the 40 man were invited in the Diamondback Organization. So it is a huge deal for Adam! It means that he did something this past season that the organization was impressed with and they would like to see him again.

Does that mean he made the Arizona Diamondbacks then?

Technically, Adam is already part of the Arizona Diamondbacks Organization. He was drafted by them in 2013 in the 20th round. So unless he was traded, if he were to make it to the Majors it would be with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Currently he is a minor league players and plays with one of their minor league affiliates. But being invited to the Big League Spring Training Camp is the next step to potentially making the team. However non-40 man players can be cut and moved back to the minor league side at any time during Spring Training. In fact, they make cuts once a week. So we are hoping that Adam's hard work pays off and he stays in with the major league club team as long as possible. If he stays on until they release their roster he has the opportunity to make the official 25 man roster for the Arizona Diamondbacks right out of Spring Training.

Where is Spring Training at?

Spring Training is in Arizona and Florida. For the Diamondbacks specifically it is held in Scottsdale, Arizona at Salt River Fields.

How can I watch him? What games will he pitch at?

This is a great question. There will be some games on TV, some will be just on You could also make the roadtrip to Arizona to watch him live. Which would be awesome! Adam always appreciates support from our friends and family. Generally speaking with guys that come out of the bullpen, like Adam, you never know when they will pitch. You just have to wait and hope they get in on a day you are watching. During Spring Training, they like all the guys to get time pitching live so they will assign them games and innings. Adam will usually find out the day before or the day of that they plan for him to pitch.

How long is he gone for?

Adam will be gone for about 7 months. The first month and a half will be at Spring Training. Then from about the first week of April until Septemberish - give or take depending on his team and their chance at playoffs - he will be in season. So once he leaves for Spring Training he is gone until the season is completely over - he doesn't have any breaks to come home for the most part unless he doesn't make the All Star team. But I always hope he does his best and makes the All Star team, so we will just pretend he doesn't get any breaks.

If I didn’t answer a question you have, feel free to ask! Basically these are the handful of questions I have been asked since the announcement of Adam getting the Big Leagues Spring Training invite. We are taking this journey one step at a time and can't wait to see what this season will offer us! I said it last baseball Q&A post, but I will say it again. It is crazy to me how much goes into baseball and how many options there are for your regular season – then add in all the off season options and your mind will be blown. I am just excited for the opportunity for Adam and I to work towards our goal to be a permanent part of the Diamondbacks family.
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