Transitional Sweater


Every year around this time there seems to be a handful of days where you just need transitional items in your closet. It starts with a couple days the first month and each month after that adds a few more until you finally reach the point where you can just wear short sleeves and shorts again. What do I mean by transitional? I mean the items that will keep you warm enough when it is 30 degrees in the morning but wont make you sweaty when you head home at 50 degrees. Ring a bell? We've all seen those days. I love to look for a lightweight sweater on those days. I will pair it with a scarf in the morning that can be removed for when it heats up. And I found the perfect lightweight tunic that is soft as soft.

Tunic: Aro and Company
Leggings: Gap
Booties: Nordstrom Rack
Scarf: Soel Boutique
Earrings: Nickel and Suede

I love this Aro and Company tunic for so many reasons - but more specifically for the fact that it has been so versatile in my closet for styling and for the weather. Plus, it has one of the most perfect tunic lengths I have ever seen. And guess what? Until tomorrow you can grab it on Eleventh Avenue for $14.99 - but they are going way fast, so scurry over to catch one. Everyone needs those transitional items - do you have any in your closet right now?
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