The Bachelor Season 20: Episode 2


Another Monday means another recap of The Bachelor. We are heading into week 3 this evening so don't forget to check out last week's recap if you are behind on all things The Bach.

Episode 2 starts with the obvious getting out of the shower and getting dressed shot of Ben as he prepares for week 2 of dates. Only, this time The Bachelor took it one step further and showed him in his underwear getting dressed - to which the whole world thought, "I think I just saw his pee pee outline." Maybe the whole world didn't think it. But ABC - too far. Here we go with the very first date card. "Let's learn how to love." In which Jackie, LB, Lauren H, Becca, Amber, Mandy, Jojo, Jubilee, Jennifer, and Lace were invited. I am so glad Lace's name was on that card because it was too early for fire eyes.
The girls are all jazzed in the limo and it pulls up to school. Most of these girls probably thought they would be back at school. Night. Mare. City. Learning?! Gross. As they all walk into school I only have one thought - I am confused why this season is full of girls that don't really know how to dress themselves. And then - scratch that, two thoughts - that girl is definitely too old to be wearing shorts where the pockets hang out the bottom. The girls are here ready to learn and do some learning. And Ben leaves us all with this gem.

"If my teachers in high school looked this good..." Then that would be illegal. #TheBachelor

— Deidre (@deidreemme) January 12, 2016

Alright. Time for some crazy volcano explosions. Bobbing for apples. And then the geography thing... which is so sad. First. None knew where it was. And second. Embarrassing that two didn't even know which direction it faced. I feel like if we would have listened to Miss South Carolina Teen USA's on stage question all those years ago then maybe everyone would have a map and know where the states are and such as. Onto a little basketball and a foot race. In which rose head Mandy is crowned homecoming queen which isn't really a prize because they all go on the night date.

Onto the night date. Which is really a bunch of drama and crying and Lace being crazy. And Jojo wins the group date rose after a quick kiss on the helicopter pad.

Next up. A little one on one date. Caila and Ben head out on a double date - so not so much one on one - with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. For the cheapest date. They drive around town. End up in a hot tub... with naked Kevin Hart... at the hot tub store. Which if you ask me - looks very sketchy and I feel like getting in that water was a bad call. But that is just me, what do I know?

After that they head to dinner for a serious chat and one on one time. I actually really love Caila more every time she gets screen time. She is darling and sweet. Throughout dinner they just talk... no eating?

They literally just went to dinner to not even eat. I'm so confused. Are they not starving? #TheBachelor

— Deidre (@deidreemme) January 12, 2016

I am pretty sure when they left they haven't even touched their food. And they head into a private concert with someone I don't know who they are? Whoops. And I fall in love with the idea of Ben and Caila because they are seriously the cutest ever dancing and listening to that concert.

Next is one last group date. "Are we a perfect match?" In which Emily, Shushana, Sam, Olivia, Haley, and Amanda are invited. Also in which we first realize how large Olivia's mouth is and it is so awkward every time she opens it....

They head to a special love lab that is so weird but also that I would really love to try out sometime. They are all given a chemistry score in which Olivia is highest and Sam is lowest and she finds out she smells sour. Awk.

At the night part of the date Amanda let's Ben know she has two darling little daughters and he receives the news a lot better than I expected him to. He is actually really amped about it. He also apologizes to Sam for calling her sour. And then of course he loves on Olivia. And of course she gets the group date rose. And it is in this exact moment that all my love for Olivia disappears. When she talks about winning and loving Ben and all of that is seems so staged and not sincere.... I feel like she is totally faking it and saying what she thinks is right. And I am not pleased.

Now onto the cocktail party and rose ceremony. Ben does an excellent job of making all the ladies feel special. I really appreciate that about him. He takes the time to tell Lauren B he has thought about her and gives her a picture of their first conversation together. So cute. He pulls Amanda aside to make hair clips for her daughters. He is just really thoughtful. Also, Lace once again proves how crazy she is. Pulling Ben aside upstairs and to a place where awkwardly the women can hear from downstairs...

Lace: Crazy, right? Everyone else in the world: Absolutely. #TheBachelor

— Deidre (@deidreemme) January 12, 2016

At the rose ceremony LB decides to leave all on her own - which makes me sad because she is really so cute - but ya know, if you aren't feeling it. You aren't feeling it. So LC self eliminated and Jackie, Mandi, and Samantha - I guess he did care that she smelled sour - did not receive a rose. Best dresses of the night go to the twins and probably Becca because she always dresses well... I know I liked a few others but right now I can only remember the twin's. I am still loving Lauren H and Lauren B as well as Caila and Becca - and I am starting to replace my love for Becca with Jojo. Let's see how this week makes me feel. So much to weigh in still. It is only the third episode! Who are your favorites? Are you pumped for week 3?
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