Weddings Upon Weddings


One thing that I really love is weddings. Not only mine. But all weddings. Adam currently has three teammates that are engaged. Wait. Scratch that. Four. One of the baseball wives to be and I have become really good friends since season has started. She is getting married right smack dab in the middle of end of semester, finals, and graduation. Oh, and of course add baseball season since that is what her man is busy doing. So, as you can imagine she has a ton going on. So I offered to help. Just like me, she doesn't like asking for help, but I finally got her to give me something to do! She asked me to make some prints for her wedding reception. Her colors are grey and white with black and gold accents, so the prints are fairly simple.  But I wanted to share a few with you!

I mean, not to toot my own horn, but toot toot. I think I did pretty good! I just emailed them all to her, so we will see if she likes them too. Otherwise it is back to the drawing board. You can snatch the prints here if you want any for yourself!

Katie said...

Go ahead & keep tooting your own horn - you did a fantastic job! And I love weddings too. They're a special sort of magic!

Amberly said...

These are really cute! I love them!


Hailey. said...

Love them! Nice work!


Suzzie V said...

After seeing these I would totally trust you to do some for my own wedding. The only thing is we would have to go back in time to do that, so umm, yeah. Great job on these! PS, I saw you over on The Daily Tay so I just thought I'd drop by and say hi.

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