Takin' It Back


Every Thursday I open up my instagram to a bunch of these hashtags


Apparently the throwback Thursday train has grown because it is filling my feed. I haven't been one to post #tbt photos on the instagram, so I am pleasing my old school photos by posting them here. I'm takin' it back to the old school, 'cause I'm an old fool who's so cool. 50 points to Gryffindor if you can name that song.
 Goggles. #ftw.
 Oh musical me. With my Shirley Temple hair.
 Acorn pre-school. You were always good to me.
I can still name every single friend in that photo.

And last but not least, t-ball team photo.
Look at me, posing like a champ!

Let me tell you a little about t-ball. I was most often found in the outfield doing cartwheels or picking grass, I guess I thought grass was fun? I don't really understand that. But one time they let me play pitcher, and in t ball that means you just throw a fake pitch so the kids know when to swing. Obvs I was going to have a sweet pitch so I wound up and my pitch became a baseball version of the Perfect Cast from the Goofy Movie, for a reminder of what that looks like please click here, I was so confused why the ump laughed every single time... I know understand. And the ONLY play I made all season was when a kid hit a line drive straight to the mound and I put the glove up to block my face. The ball landed right in my glove. Awesome. So there you have it. Those 4 photos and story will do for now. I feel like I had a pretty awesome childhood. Full of beanie babies, playgrounds, music, and family. And apparently also goggles. What was your childhood filled with? Do you have any great memories?

megan said...

These are adorable! I grew up swimming (went on to have an 11 year career before quitting 3 years ago), so silly goggle pics like that are nothing new to me. ;)

Kelsey Eaton said...

So fun! I, too have fond memories of my preschool. Teddy Bear Preschool. THE best hahaha

LaynahRose said...

I love throwback Thursdays :) That's why pictures are taken right, so you can look back on it?

New follower! I have this creepy habit of collecting Mormon blogs in my news feed because I feel like we get eachother or something, ha.

jackie jade said...

cute phtos! i really need to get on the tbt train and start posting some of my old school photos. i love seeing other people's!
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