Daylight Savings.


This whole time change thing has been the worst. I cannot, for the life of me, wake up in the morning. And it doesn't help that my usual alarm of a husband is on a road trip this week. I have to be held accountable for how many times I press snooze all on my own. Which means I wake up late. I grab whatever I can find a throw it on. No jewelry. Not much make up. Hair brushed, not actually styled... And then out the door to make sure I am to work JUST on time. So I am calling all of this week's outfits simple business. Because they are seriously the bare bones of a wardrobe.

Nude heels: Target | Maxi: Gap | Shirt: Cotton On | Cardigan: Costco

How are you holding up after Daylight Savings?
Are you liking the new time or struggling with it big time?
Loving the extended daylight?


SH said...

Loooove your maxi skirt!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

The Hartungs Blog

Matt and Monae Curtis said...

I hate the time change. I feel like it effects me more the older I get. This week has been hard, can't fall asleep, can't wake up. You're gorgeous by the way :0) I want your wardrobe!

Anonymous said...

Heck, "bare bones" looks pretty good to me! Now, don't hate me, but I'm I love the time because I'm a "morning" person!

Talisha Reupena said...

Still looks cute to me! I am the same way and this time change was killer for me too!

Rachel Sayumi. said...

love that skirt!! and daylight savings is great for outfit posts ;)

Cece said...

I like the daylight savings. It isn't hurting me at all. The day light in that afternoon has helped. I had a harder time adjusting when it went the other way! Hope you adjust soon.

Kirsten Wiemer said...

girl, seriously i hate daylight savings.
its killing me.


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