A Funky Tale


Dance is important to me, if you didn't catch that from yesterday's post. And since I don't dance like I used to I like to watch all dance shows humanly possible. And since I go to all of Adam's baseball games, he likes to go to dance performances with me. Even the ballets. Even though almost the whole time he is bored out of his mind and can't seem to grasp why a man would want to wear tights that are that. Especially in the man area. Last week Adam had a baseball game at 3 PM on Friday. And last week my work gave me free tickets on the 5th row for the ballet (at least they said it was a ballet) Romeo and Juliet at 7:30 PM. If all things worked perfect of it being a normal speed game, no rain delay, and a win so there wasn't a disappointing speech after we could hurry from one event to the next. The game would go from 3-6 PM, Adam would shower and change fast, we would be in the car by 6:30 PM and on our way to Salt Lake just in time to get to Kingsbury Hall.

Friday at work I found out it wasn't a ballet at all. But it was ODT: Shut Up and Dance - Romeo and Juliet a funky tale. Which meant instead of ballet all night. The show would be like this.

Cool, yeah? Well I thought so. And then I told Adam, "If you don't want to hurry there after your game. We don't have to. BUT.... it isn't a ballet." And he said, "It isn't a ballet? Then what is it?" And I said, "Hi hop and contemporary. It could be pretty sweet." He said we might as well go, 5th row seats for free? Why not? So we went. And it was sweet. Beyond sweet. I love watching ODT Thriller every year. So this was just a nice little mid year treat. And Adam didn't even have to be befuddled by tight tights on men. He could just enjoy. My favorite line from Adam all night? When the hip hop dancers started he whispered to me, "Look... they are crumping!" Do you like to watch dance performances? What is your favorite type of arts to watch?

Kelsey Eaton said...

That looks like so much fun!! Ive never heard of anything like that, so cool!

Emily and Jake said...

So fun! I love watching anything dance. My husband is funny and he would rather watch ballet then any other type. But I love them all. Even though modern and world is my favorite to dance

Glória Hefzibá said...

Seems you guys had a lot of fun!

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Hailey. said...

haha that looks like it was awesome!!

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