Feel Beautiful.


I wasn't going to post today. But then I saw this and needed to share.

We all have those things that are important to us and make us feel happy and beautiful. For some it is being a mother. For other it is volunteering. For some it is work. And for some it is just wearing makeup and getting your hair done. Besides being a wife and having my husband help me feel beautiful daily, dance really does make me feel better. From the inside out. And I feel young, free, and alive. Dancing is something that will always be important to me. What keeps you young and free? What makes you feel beautiful? 

Anonymous said...

Swimming is my "thing". I do my best to get in my morning laps each morning, unless I'm sick. This week hasn't been so good, for that very reason. When I'm swimming, I feel like I'm a kid, and I love it!

Mallory Hermann said...

Horseback riding is my go to. It's the one time i feel graceful and beautiful and talented

Jessica said...

Yoga is my jam!

SH said...

I definitely love to bake! I love creating something - helps me to feel in control when life gets a little crazy!

Hope you a wonderful day :)

The Hartungs Blog

Emily and Jake said...

Dancing use to be my outlet to help me unwind and relax. Now I only dance in my living room :) but I still live it!

Chevron andLace said...

Dancing is one of my go to's, but as time has gone by and my life has changed, sewing has really become my love. Above all, however, I will always love being a mom the best!

Sue // Chevron & Lace

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