"...And You Wont Know Until It's Gone"


Alright. The madness has begun.... I just finished a few of my brackets. Does your bracket need a little loving? Do you struggle with what teams to pick because you can't remember their stats, mascot, or who has the sickest jerseys? Well... Here is a quick and easy fix to get your bracket going. Super easy to give you a fast template, then change your teams as needed before you submit...

Go to PickMyBracket.com and then you can pick the stat you think most important and the random factor you think most important... and TA DA! Bracket completed.

Did you know my Alma mater BYU is ranked number 2 for "Coed Hotness"?

But in case PickMyBracket.com isn't helping enough let me show you a video that will give you some insight on at least one team.... 
Clearly Duke will be going far... but at a terrible cost. I have my final 4 as.... Duke, Gonzaga, Michigan, and Miami... Gonzaga and Miami going to the finals with Miami taking it all. Are you entering any bracket challenges? Who is in your final four?

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