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First day of Spring! Which means warm weather. Which means Spring Break!! And who doesn't love a break for sunshine? Well.. I haven't had a Spring Break in... almost 6 years now. Lame, right? And I never realized how incredibly AWESOME they were until I got to BYU and they didn't offer them anymore. I mean, I guess I got out of school for Summer in April, so that was cool. But it wasn't cool that I was stuck in the frozen tundra with snow until March with no excuse to drive to California. So... since I have very little Spring Break knowledge besides my fond memories of a cruise and a trip to Disneyworld, I have Tarole here today to tell you all about it. She is a babe. And very fashionable. And we are soul sisters ever since we bonded over Miss America and pageants. Love her lots, and here she is!

Aloha readers of Love, The Skinnys!

I'm Tarole and I blog over at One Haole Girl!

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I'm super thrilled Deidre is allowing me to take over today! I consider her my soul sister and absolutely love her and her blog. 

We are well into March now which means SPRING BREAK. I personally am not in school, but who says you can't celebrate the arrival of Spring anyway? I love putting style spreads together to show my taste in fashion, so today I'm bringing you my personal essentials if I were vacationing for Spring Break 2013 (although I pretty much am always on stay-cation :P).

Spring Break Essentials Beach

Spring Break Essentials Beach by onehaolegirl

I'm starting with beach wear. When I was studying in Arkansas, my friends and I would venture down to Florida for Spring Break - beach wear was essential! I put together a couple different bikini styles (mine never match!) as well as the essential SPF and a tropical drink of course (hello Mojito!!). I also included a couple tunics for cover-ups and you can't forget your slippers (flip flops) or sunnies (sunglasses)!

Day Time

Spring Break Essentials Day

Spring Break Essentials Day by onehaolegirl

Next I'm bringing day time wear. I would usually go somewhere that was warm. After having enough of the winter cold, I am ready for shorts, sandals, and fun spring colors. Here I have a couple different choices, a sun dress and a shorts and shirt combo. I'm a sucker for wedges so I paired both outfits with that as well as white, spring-y jewelry. I would totally wear this out for a day of shopping or a fun lunch at a grill on the beach!

Night Time

Spring Break Essential Night

Spring Break Essential Night by onehaolegirl 

Last I'm bringing night time wear. I am a huge maxi dress lover and always enjoy wearing them out to a nice dinner. I also am showing a more casual pants outfit just in case some of those spring nights are a little cooler, but added a dressy touch with the heels and jewelry. Perfect for any night time occasion (ok maybe besides the clubbing).

Well dears, there you have it! My personal Spring Break 2013 essentials! I hope you enjoyed - please stop by the blog any time and say hello! I'd love to have you :)

Thank you SO much Deidre for allowing me to take over today. I had a blast sharing my fashion with your readers. Love you!

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