Just Another Pretty Face.


One of my favorite things to do is make people feel really awkward. And a few summers ago my answer to everyone's whys and hows about me was, "Well. It is because I am so pretty." And then it turned into a long running joke about how I am more than just a pretty face. And I still have one friend that refers to me as pretty face. That is story one of this post.

Story two. I do pageants. In case you didn't know that. And because of that people assume I am picture perfect always. Adam had a photo shoot for baseball the other day and the guys said, "Did Deidre train you last night?" Come on people. Pageant girls use Photoshop for head shots. Sorry if you thought we didn't. But we do. But his baseball team always refers to my pageant life, which is funny and I secretly (not so secretly anymore) love it.

And now to the last story about Adam. I mean, I have always thought Adam was a good looking man. Clearly. Otherwise I wouldn't have made a fool of myself at that football game way back when. But over the last month or so I have had many friends express their opinion of Adam's looks. From one girl saying, "Is your husband here? I haven't met him... but he is so hot!" to another saying, "Adam is so handsome and just a great guy."

But I am here to tell you all this pretty face talk is incorrect.
This is what we normally look like.

My family knew that we were a match made in heaven when they saw the amount of funny faces Adam makes. They thought I would never meet someone as out of control as me. And boy were they wrong. I will at least smile 25% of the time. For Adam, it is closer to 3.6%. So I am here today to teach you the art of the funny face. 

Start with the eyes. Make them big. 
Or one squinty. Or crossed.

Next the nose. Basically you have two options. 
Flare it or suck it in.

Next the lips... any shape that isn't a smile will do.

Add the chin or an awkward hand position.

Put it all together and you are SET!

That is actually the most hideous funny face I have ever seen. I am so glad I could put it together for you. Need some more funny face inspiration? Here are some of my favorites... 
And then one normal for good measure. 

Well. Hopefully I didn't frighten you TOO much. Do you like to make funny faces? What is your go to? Or are you a smiler?

Joanna @ JayBirds Flight said...

I make faces all the time and it drives people CRAZY. Sometimes I make faces and don't even realize it...I have offended way too many people with this little problem of mine!

Fun faces make life so much more exciting!

Niken said...

no worry. i don't run. i'm more "get off of my face" face most of the time. but i learn to smile lately funny faces make life better

Danielle said...

Lol, I love this! My hubby and I just spent close to an hour making hideous faces with photobooth last weekend. Glad we aren't the only crazy people out there :)

Anonymous said...

Such a funny post! My boyfriend and I can make some pretty funny faces, but I'm probably more of a smiler. :P

Talisha Reupena said...

Funny faces are the best but I always end up making weird gestures with my hands! I love it. I love awkward.
You two are funny! Thanks for the awesome post!

Alice said...

This is brilliant. I love that you two really don't take yourselves too seriously!! (I mean that in a good way, of course) x

Erin said...

Well, it's official. I have found Jared and I's twin couple!! Haha! We are known for our crazy faces and ridiculous photoshoots. Usually if I ever post a 'normal' photo of us people comment like WOW, haven't seen a normal pic of you two in forever!! lol

Katie said...

Haha I love this! Smiling all the time gets boring - you have to keep it fun with the faces!


Jyndia said...

Super cute blog! New follower! I love the funny faces and agree they make better memories! I am impressed with your pic you created! Hope youre having a good week!


brooke elyse said...

hahaha! I'm always taking ridiculously beautiful pictures (as i call them...) the more chins the merrier, right?


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