Praying for Sun


Yesterday was a great win for the Cougars. Beating a ranked team 6-3 has got to boost a team's confidence, yeah? I can tell you how much there confidence was boosted by the level of music and pumped WAY up base in the clubhouse post game. After the home games all the player's loved ones wait for them downstairs outside the clubhouse. It is a fun time for us wives to catch up, since for the most part we all sit with family at the game, while we wait for our husbands to finish their post-win dance party and shower. And yesterday we knew it would be a long wait. Here is hoping that confidence carries over to today for another win! Adam has had three starts and sadly, three loses due to lack of hitting support. Baseball is such a mind game. Then of course, there is a hope for sunshine! The forecast says 60-70% chance of rain for the REST of the day. It was supposed to rain all night, but we didn't see a drop. I sure hope this forecast is wrong because it is Adam's start day! And he is finally feeling better from all the medicine to play. So please pray for SUN and a healthy husband so the game can go on!

Dresses from Shabby AppleIn other words. The winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway has been picked! Congratulations to Jane Edmunds. But for those of you who didn't win take advantage of the buy one, get one half off sale of the Ferris Wheel collection! Jane, please email me within the next 24 hours or another winner will be picked. So here is fingers crossed to all you ladies that she doesn't email, right?

Prayers for sunshine.
Prayers for Adam to be healthy.
Prayers for a confidence carry over.
Prayers for a good game.
What are you praying for today?

Anonymous said...

Good luck to your husband, fingers crossed it stays sunny! :)


Kelsey Eaton said...

Woo! Way to go Adam! The skies are looking dry!

JaNae Norman said...

Good luck! I am totally praying for sun too! :)

Liz Slater said...

Ok, this is going to sound dumb but the other day I checked out the shabby apple link from your site and made a mental note to check out their cute clothes when I had more time. Should have pinned it, but didn't. Next day, couldn't remember the name of the company or how I had stumbled upon it. Kept hoping it would resurface. Not quite prayer worthy, but I'm glad you refreshed my memory. Thank you. This time I'm pinning the site

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