Dear Mom's Best,


Last week I had the great opportunity to go to the Mom's Best event to raise awareness for the Utah Children's Justice Center. It was an incredibly inspiring night and just a good time. I am so grateful that Miss Gentri invited Elsha and I out for a blogger's night. I loved spending time with the two of them and I loved being involved at the event. The night went a little like this:

Walk in.
Sign in.
Rate some awesome Utah products.
Take some photos.
Win some prizes.
Eat some dinner.
Learn all about the Children's Justice Center.
Live auction.
And now for some photos.

Here are the vendors.


My number was drawn two separate times for a few awesome prizes. I walked away from the evening with a full bully, an iStabilizer, and two fancy slips. And let me tell you. These prizes are awesome. If you are looking for some Christmas ideas check out these two local businesses. I will be giving more details on both later. But the iStabilzer is very helpful for iPhone photos and videos and the Fancy Slips are handy for making all dresses long and modest.

This is the table settings and buffet table. Just to give you an idea.

This doll house is from the doll house festival held earlier in the year. All the houses are handmade and donated. There were four auctioned off at the end of the night.

Besides learning all the wonderful things the Children's Justice Center does the night was wonderful for bonding. I loved getting to know Elsha and Gentri a little better. It was fun being included in this good cause. The live auction at the end of the night raised over $4,000 dollars for the center. Sadly, I wasn't one of the buyers... I know, it is for charity. But what I learned that night is I have auction stage fright. My heart sank and my stomach hollowed every time I went to raise my hand. A lot of good items came and went and I walked away item-less... next year I will buy something for CHARITY! Next year!

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