Bachelor Season 19: Episode 3


Welcome, welcome Bachelor Nation. Ready for a recap of last week before you get your Bachelor on tonight? If you have yet to catch an episode you can catch up on what has happened so far in last week's post. So I have to be honest about my start with episode 3... in the fact that is was late. You see, Adam and I have gotten hooked on Scandal and we needed to finish up the episode we were on before we could dig into the bachelor goodness. So I missed the first tenish minutes. But I hear it was full of introducing Jimmy Kimmel to the episode which included him calling all the ladies sister wives and putting up an "amazing" jar in which every time someone said amazing they had to put in $1 - Jimmy will be rich.
Kaitlyn gets the first date. Which happens to be a real life trip to Costco. This is where I tuned in - when they were looking for ketchup. I didn't fully grasp it, based on the sheer amount of food and items they were getting I thought they were planning a house party for everyone. Turns out it was just Jimmy, Farmer Chris, and Kaitlyn. With questions from Jimmy ranging from, "Why are you dressed like that" all the way to the real question "Don't you have sex with everyone in the fantasy sweet?" Jimmy also didn't mind to get out of the way during their makeout over Kaitlyn receiving her rose and he joined them in the hot tub during their makeout sesh.
Next up. The group date. In which the ladies had to do some bizarre farmer relay race. Milk the goat, drink the goat milk, jump the fence, catch a pig. All the ladies were super intense and got knocked off one by one. And in the final pig chasing round we get a full censor of Jillian's rear, once again - should we really be surprised - and Carly the big catcher knows to wait for the pig to come to her, not chase it around. So she wins with that little snippet. Her prize? A reenactment of American Gothic. Then off to the cocktail party once they all get that goat milk rinsed off. The cocktail party was basically every girl pulling Farmer Chris aside to make out with him. And Mackenzie decided to call him out on it... so awkward. Onion girl only gave one extremely crazy look that I caught. And Becca gives Farmer Chris the cheek instead of making out with him - solid move - then tells the cameras, "I hope you don't need to kiss to get the rose!" Well surprise. You don't because Becca gets the group date rose and all the ladies that macked on Farmer Chris instantly feel retarded.
Meanwhile back at the house the next one on one date comes. This one is for Whitney. She gets to go enjoy a day on the hillside with Chris and her voice has instantly gotten less annoying, Chris' laugh however is driving me bananas... Alvin, is that you?! And down the hill is a wedding... just happens to be a wedding. That Chris and Whitney just happen to decide to crash. And then while they are there they just happen to talk to all the people in the wedding party. And no cameras are spotted. And I am sure everyone that did not have a blurry face signed a release. And also there just happened to be a rose in the wedding decor - great thing that bride was so in tune with what ABC would need, right? But besides all that - I really love Whitney. Good soul.
Once everyone is settled in the mansion Jimmy Kimmel comes to let them know there will be no cocktail party, but there will be a pool party! Which makes magic lamp belly ring girl VERY upset because she really wanted to do her Kim Kardashian look that night. She also goes crazy at the party, but more on that later. Jimmy Kimmel leaves with his amazing jar full of cash. FULL of cash and the party begins as soon as Farmer Chris takes off his shirt. Lots of girls showing off in bikinis. And then the saddest part every. Juelia shared the store of her husband's suicide with Chris. I can't even imagine what she has been through - amazing and strong woman. Jade steals Chris away after that and takes him to his house. Bold. And while they are inside Jillian waits in the hot tub. She also wont get out when other girls come to ask for his time. Which is where Ashley I freaks out. Laughing. Crying. Running away. And then almost pulls Chris of the balcony while they makeout. Then they all change and look shiny and new for the rose ceremony.
Nothing too surprising here. Roses given and the girls with less air time get the boot. The usual. Jimmy Kimmel also gets the boot at the end of the episode and I think his farewell was the best one of the entire series. Best cocktail dresses go to Jillian, Kelsey, and Kaitlyn - simple dresses with not too much airtime, so feel free to disagree with me. My favorites right now are Britt, Becca, Kelsey, and Whitney - Jillian is hit or miss and Kaitlyn is growing on me. Who are your favorite ladies for Farmer Chris? Any predictions for tonight?
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