How We Wore It Series: Pink Blush


These next three days I am joining up with four other lovely ladies for a how we wore it series. Let me tell you how it works. Each of us have one item that is the exact same from Pink Blush and we have all figured out our own way to style it. We want to give you a few different ideas of how to wear some of the most popular items found at Pink Blush - that way you can feel comfortable rocking any item and gearing it towards the way you prefer to dress. For example, my closet has a lot more of the "classics" like blazers, cardigans, dresses, leggings, jeans, and t shirts. But I add in spunk a with sequins and leopard. So my outfits over the next three days will reflect my style - which I like to call classic sass. First item in the how we wore it line up? A gold and black cardigan.

Cardigan: Pink Blush c/o
Dress: Pink Blush c/o
Tights: DKNY at Costco
Shoes: Famous Footwear

I decided to use the cardigan to make a more dressy outfit. Something that I could wear to a nice dinner or a show. I decided to really let the gold in the cardigan be the focal point - so I paired it with a black dress, black tights, and black heels. I felt like keeping everything black, not adding in more colors, helped create a sleeker and more mature look. But the gold accents on the cardigan add in a fun element that is my unique twist on the traditional little black dress look. You can see how the other ladies - Samantha, Medge, Natalie, and Lauryn, style the same piece by checking out their blog!
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