How We Wore It Series: Pink Blush


Welcome back to day two of the three day How I Wore It Series! I am teaming up with four other lovely ladies to show how to style the exact same item from Pink Blush for five different styles and body types. Yesterday we shared a gold and black cardigan. I decided to dress my cardigan up for a fancier outfit. Feel free to head to yesterday's post to check it out! Today is all about a more comfy item - which I love - a pink knit sweater.

Sweater: Pink Blush c/o
Pants: Pink Blush c/o
Watch: Feral Watches c/o
Shoes: Payless

I decided to keep this one really simple. This outfit was the first one I wore once the package arrived at my house and I cannot get enough of it. The sweater might not be the most flattering on my shape, but I feel so comfortable wearing it that it doesn't bother me. It is a relaxed outfit that makes me feel confident. I decided to pair the sweater with some cropped pants and flats to keep the look casual. But, also - trade out the shoes for heels and it can work for a business casual outfit as well. The first day I wore this combo I put it on in the morning and wore it to work with pumps, came home and traded in the heels for some flats and accessories - like you see above - and I was able to wear it out to coach some girls for pageants. It is a really versatile outfit, which I love for my on-the-go days. You can see how the other ladies - Samantha, Medge, Natalie, and Lauryn, style the same piece by checking out their blog!
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