Fashion Fits Everyone. Volume 50.


"For me...this is something that has evolved over the years. Truly... I can say at one point in my life I didn't quite understand what real beauty was. There was a time  when I was guilty of looking at the cover of a magazine to show me and it really didn't make me feel very confident!  Over the years I have grown to understand that beauty is something achieved through your character and how you respect yourself and others. In my eyes, beauty isn't using photoshop to make a thigh gap or erase your laugh lines. Beauty is embracing your body the way it is and winning people over through your personality.
I would describe my body type as athletic. But most importantly healthy! When I dress for my body type I try to keep things modest and comfortable. Comfort is always a big deal, if something doesn't feel good it is a no-go!
My style is really a random mix of things. I can't really pin point one particular "style" that fits me. Black is my go to color and I love to dress casual and then add a fun piece to pull the outfit together or give it a unique feel. For example, if I am wearing black skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt I will toss on a leather crop jacket to spice things up - always keeping comfort and modesty in mind!
Fashion fits everyone in that it is versatile! It is unique to each individual and can be used as a form of expression!"
- Samantha from Samantha Elizabeth
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