Weekday Wardrobe


If you are new around here let me tell you how Fridays work on Deidre Emme. You all get a lot of opportunities to see me dressed and fixed up for fashion posts - but I have had a few readers ask what I wear on a day to day basis. And since I am all about full disclosure and being totally honest with my readers I decided to let you into my house - and it to my forever messy closet because I cannot seem to get my act together and unpack and organize those last few things that will show up behind me throughout all the outfits - to see what I wear on the weekdays. I have thought about including the weekends too but you would see the same thing - cheetah jumpsuit on Saturday morning, date night clothes Satuday night, Sunday best on Sunday morning, and cheetah jumpsuit again on Sunday night. It is just how things happen over here. I always posts the outfits from the week previous, so this Friday's post ends with last Friday's outfit. I also like to include the deals for the upcoming weekend for all my shoppers out there. That way if you were planning on hitting the mall or the online store, you at least know where the bests are to save a few dollas. So without further ado - here is the weekday wardrobe and all of the weekend sales.

Monday / Top: Lucy and Lyla / Scarf: Luxe & Lace / Leggings: Pink Blush / Boots: TJMaxx
Tuesday / Cardigan: Old Navy / Plaid: Target / Pants: SexyModest / Shoes: Famous Footwear
Wednesday / Sweater: Forever 21 / Skirt: Downeast Basics / Shoes: Macy's
Thursday / Cardigan: Old Navy / Top: SexyModest / Skirt: Lularoe by Bri / Tights: Costco / Shoes: Francescas
Friday / Scarf: Pink Blush / Tunic: Caralase / Leggings: Gap / Shoes: Francescas
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